The 5 Most Common Addictions Among College Grads

Ok, grads. It’s about to get real.

Addiction is an ugly word – it denotes a lack of control, a shameful obsession, and a scary assumption that we are controlled by something or someone else.

Most people are hesitant to label themselves as such, understandably.

But the truth is, there is a staggering amount of college grads that struggle with deeply-ingrained and potent issues, whether they want to admit it or not. Over time, they become worse and worse when kept in the dark corners of denial and fear, much like an open wound infects the body more and more until everything is infected. Like The Walking Dead, only real and stuff.

As a college grad, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re struggling with any of these 5 addictions, and whether you want to work through them or not. If you struggle, don’t worry – a lot of people do, are there a ton of resources you can look into.

1. Sex and Pornography

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3 Difficult Pieces of Relationship Advice You Need to Hear

Attention, attention! Ok everyone, quiet down – I know you’re a mosh pit of excitement right now.

I’m pleased to announce Stuffgradslike landed our first guest post (check it out here!) on the super legit post college website,! Cool. Ice cool.

The title says it all – 3 difficult but important pieces of relationship advice you need to hear. Read it!

You just might find the secret to relationship happiness.

5 Ideas for the Best, Coolest, Most Awesome Room Ever

Now, I’m not one to brag (unless I’m playing Super Smash Brothers – if you played with me, you’d know), but I think I have a pretty ballin-sweet room, for a college grad. 

Firstly, I have a massive whiteboard on my wall (makes me feel like I’m in Good Will hunting, for one); I have a cool little mini fridge in my secret closet compartment (with an ever-flowing fountain of Arnold Palmer); it’s all personalized with lights, posters, pictures, and moments from across my life. Ice cool.

Still, there are a ton of ways to make it cooler, and I’m always on a quest to do so. I’m sure you are too. Now, just because I can’t afford it/don’t have the tools to make it possible, I’ve compiled a list of things that every awesome/unique college grad room should – nay, must have. Ready? Ok.

1. Secret compartment 

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Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules for Success

For those of you who don’t know, Warren Buffet is an elderly old chap who’s been in the investing game for quite some time. 

He’s been consistently voted one of the wealthiest people in the world; Time Magazine also voted him as one of the most influential people in the world; he’s widely considered to be the most successful investor of the entire 20th century.

In short, Warren Buffet is a boss.

People from every age and every industry have been eating up whatever this man has recommended for decades, and rightly so. Here, I’ve written out each rule in a handy-dandy post for all of use college grads to see. Be different! Be a college grad that actually learns how to succeed from the professionals that have achieved success.

Now, without further ado, Warren Buffet’s 10 rules for success.  Read more of this post

5 Ways to Know When to Quit Your Job

If your eyes jumped to the title of this post, then this is probably for you. 

The natural trajectory of most jobs for college grads (well, really all, in a sense) is that you will leave them! If you have a degree, it’s time to make a step into the direction of doing something you love, and not staying in something that you just tolerate in order to pay the minimum requirements on your credit card to Nordstrom’s and/or student loans.

If any one of these signs applies to you, then it just might be time to reconsider your job. Here are 5 big ways you know it might be time to look for another job, stat.

1. You Dread Coming In 

Are Sunday afternoons the most stressful and anxiety-filled times of the week for you? Do you look forward to Friday afternoons more than the Ninja Turtles look forward to a drippingly-delicious New York pizza?  Read more of this post

5 Foolproof Ways to Not Get Hired

I know a lot of us are looking for jobs. Right? Right.

Maybe you’re a natural at getting hired (probably not, though). More likely, you’re just like a lot of the rest of us and don’t really know how to get started. But that’s ok! You’re still awesome and stuff.

Regardless, there are some people out there who are just gosh-darned professionals at not getting hired. Like, reeeeally good at it. Know what’s worse? They could totally get hired somewhere! If only they just DIDN’T DO THESE THINGS.

I’ve done a lot of asking around and research on this topic, and here’s the list of some tried-and-tested, guaranteed, foolproof ways to not get hired as a college grad.  Read more of this post

The Last Time I Got an Award Was…in College?

So thanks a lot to Julie Green and her awesome blog for nominating me for the prestigious award of Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thankyouthankyou!

So I gotta:

  1. Display the award on my blog (cool)
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you (coolcool)
  3. State 7 things about yourself (Whoa! Just got real)
  4. Nominate 5 other bloggers for this award
  5. Notify them

Well, shooot. Ain’t I flattered. (No, I really am!). Thanks again, Julie!

Man, you guys wanna know 7 things about me? Aight, I got you.

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The 4 Most Inspirational and Motivational Videos Ever

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” –William Shakespeare

Everyone faces an intimidating, difficult, and Herculean challenge every morning when they wake up, and it’s in the form of a question:

Will you be great today?

For most, this question ceases to even be remembered, let alone answered. But for others, this strenuous uphill battle becomes one of the most important factors of their transformation from someone good to someone great. This is what legends are made out of, people.

Achieving Greatness isn’t easy – if it was, everyone would have it. No; Greatness is only for those brave enough, strong enough, and tenacious enough to buck up and face their fears, to challenge their own brokeness, and defeat their own heavy burdens of shame/doubt/complacency/guilt/hurt that has been holding them down. They are the ones who truly experience what real triumph is, what real Greatness is.

Be great. Be the person you were made to be.

1. “How Badly Do You Want It” – Eric Thomas

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5 Hobbies College Grads Really Need to Get Back Into

Hobbies are like cupcakes. They’re delicious little treats that you forget about because you’ve been super healthy, but once you indulge in them again, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without ’em.

Hobbies are what make your days at work way better because you’re stoked to go back home. Hobbies aren’t just awesome – they make you awesome. They make you more interesting, unique, and relatable. Hobbies are ballin’. But somehow, in our busy post college lives, we’ve forgotten about them! 

So, here’s a list of 5 hobbies that are so ballin’ that you’re not going to help saying “ohhhhh yeeaaaahhhh!” because they’re so awesome. You’ll probably even say it out loud. It’s ok. Go ahead.

Let’s get started.

1. Super Nintendo 

You guys know what’s up.

C’mon! Mario and Luigi on SNES? Mario Kart? Donkey Kong? F-Zero, Kirby, Street Fighter? Final Fantasy? Oh, man.

You know what, let’s broaden the category – Gameboys, Sega Dreamcasts, Playstations, the legendary Nintendo 64? (By the way, if you know what the “64” stands for, there should be a hall of fame in which your portrait would perpetually hang under a glowing golden light of beauty and head nods).  Read more of this post

4 Difficult But Effective Ways to Getting Along and Making Friends With Your Coworkers

I work in an office with a bunch of guys. They’re cool. We have a dartboard and stuff. I’m terrible.

But I was thinking about how one could connect with coworkers more. You know? More than just the Lakers-are-still-sucking and did-you-go-out-this-weekend stuff. I guess I’m a guy who just likes getting a little deeper.

I’ve worked in a lot of places – a bookstore, a bar, a barn (well, Pottery barn) – and I’ve been around a variety of different coworkers and work environments. But how to connect? If you’re like me and you work full time, these are the people you’re around with more than all of your family and friends – at least 40 hours a week, from morning till evening, 5 days a week. Even if you work part time, there’s still the challenge to connect with and relate to a unique group of people that you’re around a lot, who all come from very different backgrounds.

1. Building Trust 

I have a confession – I’m not your typical partier.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love to party. I have a mean Michael-Jackson-spin that will leave you wondering why I’m still not Justin Timberlake’s backup dancer. But ever since I started working in college, I would always shy away from these big “parties” and “ragers” that all my coworkers would go to.

It got to a point that, I’m sad to say, my coworkers wouldn’t even invite me because they knew I wouldn’t go – and they were right! Lame. Lame to the max. They had no idea who I was, and I had them pegged down to a T. At least I thought I did.  Read more of this post